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Airborg™ H8 10K with Top Flight Hybrid-Power System

Heavy Lift, Long Range (HELO) Quad Co-Axial Rotor Platform (Airborg Series)

The Airborg™ H8 10K is a 1950 mm(L) x 1600 mm(W) x 1500 mm(H) multi-function, enhanced flight time, extended payload, quad (4x2) 8-rotor UAV platform. This vehicle has eight 34” carbon fiber propellers, removable arms for packing and transport, an estimated flying time of 2+ hours with 4kg payload, and over 1 hour with up to 10kg payload, at a maximum velocity of 35 mph, a maximum range of 100 miles, and can operate in wind/gust conditions up to 15 mph. Total weight with fuel/payload - 50kg.

Take a closer look - if you are a fleet operator, learn more about our 60-Day Delivery of Mission-Ready Airborg 10K UAV Program whether your need is extended mission inspection, surveillance or cargo-transport in any number of industry applications. Learn more about our Top Flight Automated Mission and Operations Management to build scalable including Mission Simulation and remote Fleet Management System, as well as 24x7 mission persistence with auto-refueling with our Guardian Automated Airport system.

First introduced in June 2017, we are working with global commercial and governments that require the Airborg's industrial-strength capabilities. Click the image to see a video of the Airborg 10K configured for commercial cargo transport:


The fully patented UAV platform is equipped with Top Flight’s Advanced Autopilot System that tunes and calibrates the hybrid propulsion system which includes a 10 kW rated engine, a 5 gallon fuel tank and a 50V, 6000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. The vehicle can operate in manual, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous modes and includes an onboard flight data recorder, with a RC remote with up to 2-mile max radio range.

Top Flight is the first company (2014) to successfully demonstrate true serial hybrid power integration into multi-rotors at industry disruptive price points. The Top Flight Hybrid Propulsion Engine has a demonstrated world record of 2.5+ hours with 1 gallon of gasoline and removes numerous challenges for UAV business uses. 

 Application-specific Solutions

Working with Top Flight application specialists our open-framework hardware and software platform can be fast-adapted to:

-        Inspect and collect information in remote hard to reach locations with varying degrees of automation, from remotely piloted to full-scale autopilot operation.

-        Address applications for large UAVs for extended payload, range (100+ miles), and endurance (gusts of 35mph), using the same open-platform framework. 

-        Utilize any combination of optional features such as real-time multi-spectral imaging, long range communications, remote sensing, GPS tagging, 4G network communications, auto-finder, object tracking, information storage and battery solutions that are optimized for a specific application.


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and Videos on the Airborg 10K.

Click here to learn more about the 60-Day Mission-Ready Airborg 10K Delivery Program.

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