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New Paradigms for Business

60 Day Mission-Ready Delivery Program; Focus on Scalable and Highly Automated & Remote Operations

UAV Engagement Program for Top Flight Airborg™ H8 10K Customer, Service Partner, Channel Distributors

Top Flight is selecting customers, service partners and channel distribution partners in different industry verticals and global geographies that have immediate multiple-UAV (10 minimum) requirements. Prospective customers may also have interest in deploying new Drone-As-A-Service business models that allow for commitments of Airborgs dedicated to end-customer services delivery using monthly shared revenue/expense models.

Top Flight Technologies, since company inception in 2014, has been addressing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of UAV missions by introducing heavy-lift, long-range, fully autonomous Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS)  hybrid-electric power system UAVs and by highly automating every aspect of a UAV mission, simplifying its maintenance and deploying the least number of field technicians, mission planners and autonomous UAV operators to increase the number of missions and therefore creating the lowest possible cost per mission.

Our UAVs can be configured for inspection/surveillance and/or cargo-transport using the Airborg™ H8 10K. Using our Mission Simulator and remote Fleet Management System manpower can be optimized by job function for simultaneous UAV missions with reduced headcount. Where 24x7 missions are required our Guardian Automated Airport solution provides weatherized and sensor-based refueling garages to minimize UAV readiness between missions.

Top Flight's engagment program is a comprehensive customer program that puts a configured Airborg "in your hands" along with autonomous mission planning and flight training (for battery drone or commercial pilots) in a minimimal amount of time. 

This UAV platform and technology already includes hundreds of hours of development and testing. There are various options to customize the product to address specific business applications and special requirements. As an extended flight, enhanced payload and fully autonomous UAV, with takeoff weight over 55 lbs (50kg), the FAA in the USA or similar government regulatory agencies in other countries will require UAV certification of your final design for the designated business and certification of your ability to operate them. With a total of 10 UAVs (that we can determine delivery scheduling) you have enough devices to develop more comprehensive roll-out and training programs based on lessons-learned through application testing.  

Full Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Training and Knowledge Transfer

In this unique process-assisted engagement program, you are working side-by-side with Top Flight Technologies’ project managers and engineers to finalize the configuration of the Airborg UAV that will be used for your application-specific business needs. Whether you are an end-customer, services partner looking to add services around the Airborg being sold by Top Flight, or a Channel Distribution Partner that is licensing Airborg UAV for resale, this program minimizes risk, time and expense into getting your UAV program and solution tested and fully business functional.

Have a need to assemble the Airborg UAVs in a specific country? This too is an option where it makes mutual sense and intellectual property rights are preserved.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and Videos on the Airborg 10K.

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New Paradigms for Business

We develop solutions around agile aerospace, delivered by leading industrial technologists who are changing the way the world thinks and works in profound ways.

Whether an alternative to existing manned aircraft or creating new services and solutions, Top Flight’s commitment to innovations make it possible to access, protect, and secure assets and information in remote, hard-to-reach locations.

And, depending on your specific needs, we build solutions that are operable with varying degrees of automation, from remotely piloted to full-scale autonomous operations.

Top Flight Solutions

Top Flight’s core technology innovations address multiple challenges in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle currently inhibiting broader cost savings and industry application effectiveness:

Power systems

The Top Flight hybrid gasoline and electric dual power systems leverages a readily available low-cost fossil fuel converting it to electricity to drive electric motors and equipment.

Extended flight-time

Removing reliance on battery-only solutions allows tradition flight times from 20-30 minutes to new 2+ hr hours flight times greatly enhancing the application spectrum.

Enhanced payload

Combining propulsion and extended flight-time in all application solutions to fully embrace low-payload (computing, sensors, and communications equipment) solutions to transportation including cargo and other heavier payloads needs.

Core Solution Components

All Top Flight’s solutions include several important components that make up the core of our effectiveness. We then fast-adapt these core components to meet your needs.

Hybrid Power System Size and power
Structures UAV or other robotic platforms
Computing CPUs & GPU capable
Sensing/Cargo Data gathering capabilities or other payloads
Data Communications Mission and data links
Physics-based Simulation Pilot Training, Mission Planning
Co-Located UAV Operations Multiple UAV Fleet Management and Analytics


Proven Expertise

Originated from MIT, Top Flight Technologies is a team of industrial pioneers whose mission it is to build product solution sets that serve the world – for needs with very complex challenges. Our customers’ solutions require deep technological, scientific, and engineering expertise across multiple disciplines, collaboratively applied across physical, digital and biological domains.

Top Flight Technologies is a leader and collaborative partner in shaping the future of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the agile aerospace 2.0 arena. We forge partnerships with our customers in governments, public institutions and the private corporate sectors to provide the fusion of technology, energy solutions and data interactions across physical, digital, and environmental domains.

We apply a first principles approach to Industry 4.01 that will revolutionize global value chains through “the disruption of incumbents and the reshaping of production, consumption, transportation and delivery systems".2

We understand the importance of collaboration in the current “second machine age".3

Our client list includes the largest companies around the world, as well as government agencies and institutions here at home and abroad.

Top Flight creates new, disruptive product solutions that propel whole new businesses and application tools for a broad array of markets.

  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Emergency Response
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Facilities Management
  • Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief
  • Oil/Gas/Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Wildlife Preservation

Case Studies

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms enable new industry application-specific tools that increases effectiveness at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned fixed-wing and helicopter platforms while making it possible to get closer range to target, eliminate the need for vehicle life-support systems, and mitigate human risk factors inherent to many real objectives. We customize the platform to the application, helping our customers choose the right combination of technology and adopt the new business practices to deliver these solutions within their own business frameworks as an alternative to a more traditional approaches.

Our Partners