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UAV Engagement Program for Top Flight Airborg™ H8 10K Customer, Service Partner, Channel Distributors

For 2019 Top Flight is selecting customers, service partners and channel distribution partners in different industry verticals and global geographies that have immediate multiple-UAV (10 minimum) requirements. The UAVs can be configured for inspection/surveillance and/or cargo-transport using the Airborg™ H8 10K.

This is a comprehensive customer program that puts a configured Airborg "in your hands" along with autonomous mission planning and flight training (for battery drone or commercial pilots) in a minimimal amount of time. 

This UAV platform and technology already includes hundreds of hours of development and testing. There are various options to customize the product to address specific business applications and special requirements. As an extended flight, enhanced payload and fully autonomous UAV, with takeoff weight over 55 lbs (50kg), the FAA in the USA or similar government regulatory agencies in other countries will require UAV certification of your final design for the designated business and certification of your ability to operate them. With a total of 10 UAVs (that we can determine delivery scheduling) you have enough devices to develop more comprehensive roll-out and training programs based on lessons-learned through application testing.  

Full Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Training and Knowledge Transfer

In this unique process-assisted engagement program, you are working side-by-side with Top Flight Technologies’ project managers and engineers to finalize the configuration of the Airborg UAV that will be used for your application-specific business needs. Whether you are an end-customer, services partner looking to add services around the Airborg being sold by Top Flight, or a Channel Distribution Partner that is licensing Airborg UAV for resale, this program minimizes risk, time and expense into getting your UAV program and solution tested and fully business functional.

Click here for the Airborg 10K Product Sheet.

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