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Agile Aerospace 2.0

The Ultimate Untapped Full-Spectrum Asset

The most valuable asset in the world is the air space between 0 and 400 feet.

Agile Aerospace disrupted low orbit space access through low cost satellite platforms. Agile Aerospace 2.0 aims to disrupt low altitude air space access. For Top Flight this translates to drones operating between 0-400 feet above ground level. This opportunity is virtually untapped by businesses and institutions. Economic activity has never existed here before. It is likely the single most valuable “real estate” on the planet -- not only because of the sheer size of its economic potential, but the unparalleled efficiency it brings to so many solutions.

Agile Aerospace 2.0 transcends land, sea, and air, and is destined to become the world’s new superhighway through the energy efficiency of Top Flight’s solutions and their ability to enable a much broader spectrum of cost-effective alternatives in shipping, real-time data collection and response solutions.

Challenges Solved

Shipping Image Shipping
Agriculture Image Agriculture
Inspection/Surveillance Image Inspection/Surveillance

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