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We use a standard 3-phase, project plan methodology in which Top Flight experts work closely with you from solution definition and product requirements, to proof-of-concept development and licensing for commercial production.

Our 3-Phase Methodology


We’re fast-adapting Top Flight product solution sets that customize your product or solution and apply directly to a specific business use-case (technology, process, people, and business aspects).


We design and build a prototype(s) based on Phase I requirements and we train and assist, addressing the business and operational automation that delivers the projected goals and results.


We finalize your customized product solution for commercialization.

For many customers multiple iterations of these 3-phases are used for different capabilities within a business solution set; or, that multiple solutions per phase are defined, in the event you require different sizes, capabilities, and/or models of a similar solution.

We can also integrate with software and back-end services from other vendors — hardware, data collection, post-processing data and storage, and final analysis – to ensure your solutions are efficient, effective, and complete.

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